Waiatarua Road


All the doors and windows were very old, single glazed and always dripping with condensation. The house was cold and with temperature changes the joinery would swell and jam so that we would have to kick or force them open. The kitchen appliances were over 30 years old and in the first year, the oven broke three times, which started to get expensive. The toilets would leak and the shower was so cramped in the ensuite that we would be jostling each other trying to clean our teeth at one small sink. The whole interior desperately needed painting as it was an old deep yellow. 

Downstairs, the bathroom reminded me of a 1980's motel unit with its bare strip light across the mirror and horrible peach sink unit. The master bedroom had a strange partition wall behind the bed for clothing storage, which really cut the room up.

We never used the deck there as it overlooked the carport and there was so much afternoon sun that it became like an oven.

We used New Dimension as we spent quite a few months researching the best builders and went on recommendations from work colleagues.  Although they weren't the cheapest, they immediately impressed us with how organised and professional they were. Louis turned up well prepared for our first meeting with his portfolio and took detailed notes of what we wanted. He had great ideas and was upfront about costs and his open book policy. New Dimension Homes had a 'can do' approach.

Other builders were unreliable with quotes, turned up unprepared and lacking enthusiasm or seeing obstacles as insurmountable. The build process was of course at times stressful and exhausting as it always is when a big reno takes place.  However, we were surrounded by cheerful, fun and helpful builders who always attacked the project with enthusiasm.  They were reliable and punctual and our neighbours commented on how extremely hard working they were. Their communication standards were exemplary, so we always knew exactly what was happening and what the plan was.  The site manager would even take photos of old joinery we wanted to sell with measurements superimposed........he really went above and beyond.  Even though we had to move out, we were always welcomed on site for updates anytime.  They even fed our cats for us! 

We had the unavoidable issues of having to adapt our plans due to the architectural discrepancy and council regulations, but these were always overcome with good communication and lateral thinking.  Louis and his site manager brought a wealth of experience to the project. They worked very hard with their suppliers to get our project done on time.  All of their subtrades were of an extremely high quality. Objex kitchens were used and Garry was fantastic, giving us our dream kitchen at a very competitive price. 

We were delighted with our result and it was a real joy to move back in when it was all finished. The kitchen especially and the ensuite upstairs/deck extension are exactly what we wanted. The house is now warm, modern and very comfortable.

We can't recommend New Dimension builders highly enough.  Dedicated, highly skilled and a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process.