Princes Avenue

Completed On 23/10/2015 Location Mt Roskill

“...A modern kitchen redesign for the classic Kiwi Bungalow ”

Completed On 23/10/2015 Location Mt Roskill Size 140 Duration 3 months

“...A modern kitchen redesign for the classic Kiwi Bungalow ”

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Project Outline

For the past 35 years, this classic 1900’s bungalow has been a family home that has lasted the test of time. As a result, normal wear and tear has made key living areas such as the kitchen, tired, outdated and ready for rejuvenation.

Kitchens are the focal point of any family home, so naturally a remodel would make the most dramatic and direct impact to the quality of living moving forward, which ultimately made it the perfect place to start.

Once demolition was started and the substructure and framing were exposed, it was immediately apparent that there had been poor quality and non-compliant workmanship performed in a previous era. This meant we’d need to go deeper to fix the root problems to avoid further issues down the line.

The entire roof and floor structure was stripped out and replaced. We then straightened walls floors and ceilings to create flat, true finishes. Once the structural elements had been fixed it was time to retrofit insulation in order to create warm, dry home moving forward. To keep the classic bungalow look and feel intact, we fit bungalow profile skirting and architraves, as well as added square stop ceilings and bulkheads which added  great, modern elements. Finally, we stripped, sanded and refinished the existing Kauri floors with dark stain. The overall result is a one-of-a-kind kitchen that has been transformed into the focal point of this original family home.

Perhaps one of the best features of this kitchen remodel is the recessed cabinetry we suggested, which meant that it would no longer be protruding and evasive on the living space. The custom cabinetry was designed by kitchen designer Maggie Gardner, who we worked with closely in the past, achieving great results for pleased clients. 

Renovating your kitchen can bring its own set of unique challenges. However, when done correctly from the ground up it can instantly add value and change forever how you see your family home.

Contact us to learn more about our capabilities with kitchen renovations and the process we take to get our clients the best outcomes possible.